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Berkshire State University is one of the world's leading university with a distinguished history. The University is at the centre of a wide range of leading edge research and top quality teaching and learning.

We are nevertheless an integrated community of around 28,500 people (23,000 students and 5,500 staff), and there are many tens of thousands of former students and staff around the world whom we view as part of the BSU's 'family'. Indeed, we are particularly proud that BSU's maintains its reputation for friendliness and inclusiveness, and continues to emphasise its tradition of working 'in the service of society'.

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Our goal at Berkshire State University is to build on our many accomplishments to become an outstanding university institution, comparable with the very best in the world. Our students are part of an international, vibrant and intellectually stimulating community. Our graduates become high-quality specialists, professional writers, leading managers, immersed in the culture that surrounds them.

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Our courses are applied,innovative and grounded in the real world.

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